Various project development, real estate and service companies work as an alliance under the umbrella of the Red Rock Group with its offices in Berlin, Dresden and Hanover. These companies cover the entire value added chain related to real estate projects. They handle the purchase of properties, their project planning and development and their funding and construction through to sale and leasing of the realty.

The Red Rock Group emerged in 2017 from a corporate network of project and service companies. The players in the various areas of activity have in some cases been working together for over 25 years and they can look back over successful project developments in various companies. Bringing this team together in a company group was logical in view of the increasing demands in the growing German real estate market and it was a factor in the Group’s further development, efficiency and consistent success.



The Red Rock Group’s project developers rely on central services provided by the Group. This ensures the same level of know-how and consistent high quality during all project phases beyond company boundaries.

The Group’s service companies specialise in, among other things, the sourcing of projects, their evaluation and funding and also project planning and management before, during and after the construction phase. To these are added the sale of homes, marketing and company communication as well as management and controlling. The Red Rock Group’s project developers work mainly with the service companies of the Group. All those involved benefit from short, tried and tested lines of communication, numerous synergies and a trusted team well used to internal coordination.

German REAL ESTATE market

Germany has a long tradition as a leading economic power in Europe. Over many years, Germany has become one of the economies most secure against crises and one of the most competitive. Measured in terms of its gross domestic product, the Federal Republic at 3,133.9 billion Euros is one of the strongest industrial nations in the world. Germany’s status as an export world champion attests to the international popularity of German products. Also the level of employment shows a constant upward trend. The Federal Employment Agency recently reported a fall in the level of unemployment to below 5.6 %, whilst the income, consumer spending and financial assets of private households continue to increase. According to the latest figures, the last indicator is about 5,8 billion Euros.

According to the statistics, most Germans prefer investments with especially low risk. For this reason, real estate has proved to be a very popular form of investment. Internal migration as well as international migration because of the growing demand for highly-specialised technical workers, also have an extremely positive impact on the real estate market. Rising rents and purchase prices are an indication of the inadequate supply of living accommodation throughout the republic. Politicians assume that 400,000 new homes must be built each year until 2020 to cover the demand for housing. Significantly fewer homes have been built in recent years. In 2016, for instance, there were only 278,000 new homes built.

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When selecting locations, the Red Rock Group’s project developers concentrate on large metropolises and their metropolitan regions generally designated as such with their infrastructure links. Berlin, Frankfurt and Leipzig and their surrounding areas are only three examples of outstanding, economically strong locations. Cologne, Hamburg and Nuremberg can be added to the list and increasingly so can former B locations which, thanks to their attractive cost structures, first-class housing conditions and high demand, are coming more and more to the attention of our companies.



Our companies are always buying properties with development potential for residential construction all over Germany. Whether it’s historic or listed buildings in need of restoration, building land or commercial property capable of redevelopment and with the appropriate building permission, we are pleased to take on projects proposed to Red Rock.

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Institutional investors have the option to participate in individual project phases or an entire project via various investment models. Red Rock Investment GmbH informs our investors worldwide of suitable opportunities and acts as the interface between the players involved in a Red Rock investment.